Mortens Place

Whitewall’s new “Mortens Place” project is a statement piece for visionaries. The first project from our catalogue targeted at people who measure success in terms of challenging the impossible to achieve their vision.

The key elements designing this masterpiece evoke emotions of a tranquil and luxurious home that pay homage to change makers who exceed beyond acceptable limits.

This one-off luxurious apartment building combines tranquility, bespoke and exclusivity to really create a beautiful sense of a sustainable future.

Mortens Place awaits vitalising excursions with confidence. Interiors and exteriors coated with sublime glow
that draws observers in. Mortens Place appears with

graceful dominance and we feel very honoured to have brought forth this masterpiece
to Accra’s beautiful landscape.

Whitewall, Discover True Comfort.

Mortens Place

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